Why The Right Doctor Makes a Big Difference in Your Dermal Fillers

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Dermal fillers can be an excellent alternative for patients looking to rejuvenate their face while avoiding the pain and costs associated with traditional plastic surgery. You may find yourself bombarded with offers from different providers promising you the world. Purple Lotus Aesthetics provides residents in Fayetteville, NC with dermal fillers in a safe, clean environment.

Having a skilled physician perform your dermal filler services makes a big difference in your outcome. Here’s why it pays to do your research and find doctors with the ability and experience to give you realistic, lasting results.  

You receive the proper education

We’re not looking to rush patients through any procedures for profit. Our staff sits you down and goes over your current physical condition. It’s extremely important we understand everything going on with you before making any recommendations.

Info your physician should collect:

We'll go over different dermal filler options with you once we’re satisfied you won’t be adversely affected by any of our treatments. You’ll come away with a complete understanding of what each procedure involves. The risks will be outlined concisely, along with information on what successful results will look like and how long they’ll last.

Providing this education is of extreme importance to our doctors. We want you to have complete confidence in your decision and not feel rushed or pressured into doing anything you’ll end up regretting. We’re happy to help in any way we can when it comes to deciding on having dermal fillers done.

You come away with a natural look

Your doctor’s aim should be preserving everything that makes you an individual while enhancing and refining areas you want to improve. Some physicians may go too far, leaving you with overly altered features. They may not have the training needed to provide natural results.

Here are important details you should have on any doctor you’re considering for your dermal fillers:

Appropriately done, dermal fillers will help fill in fine lines and sagging skin around different areas of your face. Your face should look refreshed and glowing, but not stretched. A skilled doctor can use dermal fillers to balance out various aspects of your features without making your face look altered to the point of being unrecognizable.

You can avoid painful complications

Dermal fillers administered by an experienced, trained practitioner can give you a great outcome without harming your health or appearance. Having the procedure done by someone who’s new to a technique or not properly educated can leave you with serious complications.

Possible dermal filler side effects

The doctors and staff at Purple Lotus Aesthetics have the training and experience needed to provide consistent results with minimal complications. We consider our job done when we feel assured of your safety and happiness with the outcome.

Are you looking for a provider of dermal fillers in Fayetteville, NC? Contact Purple Lotus Aesthetics today either online or by phone at (910) 208-6069 to make an appointment for a consultation.

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