Incorporating Botox Into Your Regular Beauty Routine

You wear sunscreen every day. You drink plenty of water. You moisturize your skin day and night. But fine lines and wrinkles are still forming on your forehead and around your eyes. Or maybe you’re not showing signs of aging yet and want to stay that way. 

Whatever your motivation, incorporating Botox® injections into your regular beauty routine can help you look amazing and feel confident. 

Here at Purple Lotus Aesthetics in Fayetteville, North Carolina, we want to help you look and feel amazing. If you’re interested in Botox, we can answer your questions and make sure that it’s the right aesthetic treatment to help you look your best. In fact, we might be able to answer some of your questions about including Botox in your beauty routine right now.

What causes wrinkles?

Understanding the cause of wrinkles can help you grasp how Botox helps. As you age, your production of new cells, including collagen and elastin, slows. Collagen and elastin are the fibers that help your skin stay plump and spring back to smoothness after you smile, frown, or make another facial expression. 

When your collagen and elastin fibers decline, your skin doesn’t bounce back as well, and fine lines and wrinkles start to form.

How can Botox help?

Botox targets the tiny facial muscles that pull your skin into folds when you make facial expressions. The serum temporarily paralyzes those muscles. Then, as your muscles relax, the skin covering them also loosens, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Botox has been FDA-approved for cosmetic purposes since 2002, and millions of people have injections every year. It’s approved for anyone over the age of 18 and is suitable for all skin types and tones. 

When you start having Botox injections is up to you. Whether you want to use Botox preventively or to reduce the appearance of your wrinkles, we can help.

What should I expect from Botox injections?

The average Botox appointment takes around 20 minutes, although your first appointment might take a little longer. We study your face to identify the best places for your injections. Then we cleanse your face, and if you’re nervous about needles or have sensitive skin, we can apply a numbing cream.

Using a fine needle, we inject the Botox into your skin. When your treatment is complete, you can get right back to your regular activities, although you should avoid strenuous physical activity for at least a day after your injections. You can reapply makeup right away, and no one needs to know that you had Botox injections on your lunch hour.

The effects of your injections should be visible within 24-48 hours. The results are temporary — usually lasting two to four months — and routine touch-up appointments are necessary to maintain your wrinkle-free skin. 

We aim to provide a natural appearance and use Botox judiciously to avoid a frozen, deer-in-the-headlights look. We talk to you about your goals and expectations in detail before starting any treatment. 

Everyone responds differently, and it’s almost impossible to predict how long your Botox injections will last. But many of our patients report that as they incorporate Botox into their regular beauty routine, the effects last longer each time. 

If you’re frustrated by wrinkles or want to maintain your youthful appearance, call or book an appointment using our online tool to find out how Botox can fit into your beauty routine. 

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