How TempSure Envi Can Reinvigorate Your Sex Life

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Vaginal dryness and painful intercourse are relatively common side effects of menopause, and unfortunately, they can take a huge toll on your intimacy and your feelings of self-confidence. In the past, the only way to find long-term relief for painful symptoms was with hormone replacement therapy, but that meant dealing with regular blood testing and the possibility for potentially serious side effects. The good news is, with TempSure Envi® treatments at Purple Lotus Aesthetics, women can relieve discomfort and restore vaginal health, and they can do it without hormones and without surgery. Here’s how it works.

TempSure Envi and vaginal atrophy

To understand how TempSure Envi works, you first have to understand what’s causing your symptoms. Painful intercourse is often caused by a chronic condition called vaginal atrophy, which occurs as a result of a decline in estrogen levels. Your vagina depends on a steady supply of estrogen to remain lubricated, elastic, and healthy. When your estrogen levels drop, either as a result of menopause or from another cause like nursing or certain medical treatments, your vaginal tissues can become dry and thin.

Any type of friction, including intercourse, can cause irritation and inflammation, along with significant pain, burning, and even itching. Because vaginal atrophy affects the health of the vaginal tissues, it also increases your risks for urinary tract infections and urinary incontinence as well. Vaginala trophy is a relatively common condition for women with low levels of estrogen, including menopausal women. Unfortunately, many women are too embarrassed to seek treatment, or they mistakenly think it just a “natural” part of the aging process.

TempSure Envi is an innovative treatment option for vaginal atrophy, relying on radiofrequency energy to stimulate natural healing processes and tissue regeneration inside your vaginal walls, restoring vaginal health while reducing or eliminating symptoms like painful intercourse. As the waves of radiofrequency energy penetrate the vaginal tissues, collagen and elastin production ramps up, helping to restore the firmness and elasticity of your vagina so sex is more pleasurable for both you and your partner. At the same time, the energy absorption stimulates the production of natural lubricants to reduce friction and dryness. Since lubrication provides a natural barrier for germs and other pathogens, TempSure Envi treatment can also decrease your risks for infections and incontinence.

What to expect during your treatment

During your TempSure Envi treatment, you’ll lie on a padded exam table, much as you would for a pelvic exam. The Envi device is smooth and shaped like a wand so it’s comfortable once it’s inserted into your vagina. After the wand is in place, Dr. Dalvi triggers the release of controlled amounts of radiofrequency energy to gently heat and restore tissues inside and outside your vaginal canal. As the energy is released, you’ll feel waves of heat that help stimulate natural healing and collagen production. Tissue regeneration helps tighten the vaginal area and helps increase the potential for nerve stimulation throughout the treatment area. Most treatments take between 15 minutes and 45 minutes, and they’re completely painless. Afterward, you can go back to your regular activities with no downtime. You should avoid sexual intercourse for about a week to allow the natural healing processes time to kick in.

Since tissue regeneration and collagen restoration are ongoing processes, Dr. Dalvi recommends a series of treatments to help every woman achieve the best possible results. Dr. Dalvi can determine a treatment schedule that’s ideal for you. After the initial series of treatments is complete, ongoing “touch-up” treatments can be performed at regular intervals to maintain your results.

Get your sex life back on track

Don’t let vaginal atrophy destroy your sex life. With TempSure Envi treatments at Purple Lotus Aesthetics, you can restore healthy vaginal tissues and normal lubrication so sex is more comfortable and more pleasurable. To learn more about TempSure Envi and how it can help you enjoy a better sex life, book an appointment online today.

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