3 Benefits of Choosing SmartLipo to Fulfill Your Weight Loss Goals

Losing weight is never easy. It takes a lot of time, effort, and willpower to stay the course in order to reap the rewards at the end. Probably one of the most discouraging aspects of losing weight is that sometimes (in fact, all too often), no matter how much we diet and exercise, we can still be left with stubborn areas of fat that just won’t budge. Even if we wind up slimming down and losing weight, those flabby fat deposits can make us feel like we’ve failed in our overall objectives.

But guess what? It’s not your fault. Not everyone loses weight in the same way, and the fact is, most of us have areas where weight loss is very difficult. As we get older, it can be even more difficult to keep weight out of some areas, like the belly and flanks. While traditional liposuction is one way to get rid of stubborn fat once and for all, the technique used in traditional surgery can cause a substantial amount of bleeding and bruising, leaving most patients with an uncomfortable recovery period. Noninvasive body sculpting is another alternative, but it’s really only designed to “tone up” areas with a limited amount of fat, plus it can take months before those modest results are visible. The good news is, at Purple Lotus Aesthetics, we offer a sort of hybrid treatment called SmartLipo® that combines the best of both laser lipolysis (fat-melting using lasers) and liposuction, so you can get rid of stubborn fat quickly and without the downsides of either noninvasive body sculpting or traditional liposuction surgery.

Benefits of SmartLipo

Like noninvasive body sculpting treatments, SmartLipo uses the power of lasers to break down fat cells, liquefying fat so it’s easily removed. But instead of waiting for your body to remove the fatty debris, SmartLipo uses a tiny incision to drain away the fat and actually sculpt your new contours for more precise and more customized results. This innovative laser-assisted approach means SmartLipo can offer some pretty big benefits.

It’s less invasive than liposuction

Traditional liposuction uses a much larger incision than SmartLipo, along with a relatively large, blunt-tipped hollow tube called a cannula to break up fat and suction it out. While the cannula technique can be effective in breaking up fatty deposits, it also tends to cause trauma to the surrounding tissues, along with a lot of bleeding and post-op bruising and pain. SmartLipo breaks up fat too, but it uses lasers instead of a “mechanical” instrument. The laser energy is targeted at fat cells, which absorb most of the laser energy, leaving surrounding tissues unharmed. As the fat cells heat up, the cell walls dissolve, leaving liquefied fat behind. Then that tiny incision is used to remove the fat without trauma, so your surrounding tissue is left intact. The precise nature of the SmartLipo technique also allows your doctor to sculpt your new contours so they’re smoother, sleeker, and more consistent compared to traditional liposuction.

It tightens your skin

One of the biggest downsides of traditional liposuction and noninvasive techniques that freeze fat cells is that once the procedure is over, you can be left with a significant amount of loose, saggy skin. Few things detract from slim, toned contours like a covering of lax, wrinkly skin. With SmartLipo, the heat from the laser gently warms your skin from the inside, helping to “shrink” your skin so it conforms more smoothly to your new contours. Plus, the laser heat promotes the natural production of collagen to help your skin look and feel firmer over time.

Recovery is faster (and there are fewer risks)

Since SmartLipo is a lot less invasive than traditional liposuction surgery — and there’s a lot less tissue damage as a result — it makes sense that your recovery will also be faster. But SmartLipo offers another advantage to speed along your recovery: The laser heat helps seal off tiny blood vessels, so you’ll have far less bruising and swelling after your treatment compared to traditional liposuction.

Learn how SmartLipo can help you

With its laser-assisted technology, SmartLipo is a great choice for both women and men who want to eliminate stubborn areas of fat without the potential side effects of traditional liposuction surgery and with results that are more noticeable than noninvasive body sculpting treatments. To find out how SmartLipo at Purple Lotus Aesthetics can help you get the result you’re looking for, book an appointment online today.


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